20 days to a Magical MysteryYoutube tour!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the show that never ends!  In just 20 short days you will be taken for a ride via Youtube to our blog that can basically go anywhere.  One day we may talk about gold or politics or the current mental state of the nation or your neighbor.  So stay tuned and if you want, toss some suggestions about what you might want to take a tour of.  This is Knowah, have a great day and I am out of here!

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A common 1st mistake most traders make

Most traders when they are just getting started are always taught to use a stop to limit their loss in the eventuality that they are wrong in their analysis and foray into the marketplace.  What usually happens is that they get stopped out and the market turns around and goes back in the direction they wanted it to go.  Okay, so that’s the way it goes and you only have to be right 3 out of 10 times to be a great baseball player, right?  So your next trade comes along and guess what?  The same thing happens again.  So on the 3rd or 4th time they decide they are not going to use a stop because they are correct in their analysis but keep getting stopped out.  And then it happens.  The market goes through their stop point and continues to move against them and the losses continue to mount.  Finally out of desperation they exit their position with a big loss, and you guessed it, the market turns around and goes their way.  It happens to everyone and only the persistent will want to continue past the beatings.  Unfortunately, some of lifes greatest lessons are the most painful.  That’s it for today and I am Knowah and I’m going back to the ark!

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Is the Gold market headed for a retest of $1900?

Will gold go back to its recent highs?  After experiencing a dramatic sell-off from $1917,  gold is set to retrace and test the top again.  Markets that approach bubble proportions often need to test a top and fail before a top is made.  That is what occurred when silver topped near $50, and after a retest a week after its initial high, a large sell-off followed.  Silver may not go higher but gold still needs to complete its journey.  Gold may still not be done until the pace gets very wild.  We may yet experience a move from $100 higher to $100 lower on the same day!  We’ll keep you posted!

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Top 3 things my customer gets from me

1.  Straight answers.  In todays marketplace, much is said that really can not be substantiated and is just opinion.  Our goal is to be accurate and verifiable.

2. Comment that is easy to understand.  Can you quickly find out our perspective?  We try to get to the point.

3. Unconventional thought.  Don’t look here for the usual.

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Linkedin users grow 100% in the last 2 years!

LinkedIn is fast becoming the vehicle of choice for those looking for a new opportunity or direction in their lives.  As quickly as technology and our society as a whole has undergone major changes, so has the typical path for employment changed radically as well.  This shows no signs of slowing down, and in fact is escalating as our society continues to roil under economic change and uncertainty.  Employers or entrepreneurs seeking to find new blood are really turning to social media as a way of finding recruits quickly and over a much greater area than ever before.  As our society continues to grow technologically at a faster pace, companies like LinkedIn have a bright future.

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What does the Elliott Wave and Robert Prechter think about the silver market after it’s run to almost $50 an ounce?

You can say what you want about the Elliott Wave analysis of economic history, but while timing it may be difficult and require a good amount of training,  if you are willing to look below the surface, you will be able to see many uncanny parallels throughout history.  That in itself is worth the trip when it comes to thinking about what might be happening right around the economic corner, and if you really serious about trying to analyze what’s going on, you should go to www.elliottwave.com and take a good look.  I really think you will be surprised at what Robert Prechter and his team are doing.  Difficult times are ahead for us in this stage of history and one needs to be prepared on many different levels.  Anyway, I’m just Dave Dreamin’.

Silver past and future?  See what they think!http://gainesville.elliottwave.com/t/102548/3945698/17118/43/

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Gilligan’s Picks: The Top 3 Social Media Must-Haves on a desert island and where to learn them

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 social media tools would you like to have.

1. WordPress

I could blog all the time and chronicle my steps toward insanity.

2. Twitter

I could give a play by play of every new discovery I made.

3. Facebook

I could enlist all my friends assistance in planning my rescue.

If you want more info on how to set these tools up. Click here.

Or, email me.

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