What does relaxation mean to you?

I don’t know about you but when I trade and it is working out just like I thought it would, this is how I would feel.  I said would because none of my trades have ever worked according to plan just so.  In the world of speculation and you notice I did not say investing because an investment implies a return, but when you speculate you need to be prepared for the unknown or the unexpected and that is very hard to do.  So this feeling of relaxation is an elusive and for the most part an unobtainable goal.  However, it is still worth striving for because if you don’t strive for something, nothing will ever happen!

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2 Responses to What does relaxation mean to you?

  1. Greg Johnson says:

    I commend you for thinking of relaxation and trading in the very same sentence. It seems like two very divergent worlds to me! I need to get away from the work world in order to find an escape, or shall I say, to relax? But you seem to do both. How does that work?

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