What does the Elliott Wave and Robert Prechter think about the silver market after it’s run to almost $50 an ounce?

You can say what you want about the Elliott Wave analysis of economic history, but while timing it may be difficult and require a good amount of training,  if you are willing to look below the surface, you will be able to see many uncanny parallels throughout history.  That in itself is worth the trip when it comes to thinking about what might be happening right around the economic corner, and if you really serious about trying to analyze what’s going on, you should go to www.elliottwave.com and take a good look.  I really think you will be surprised at what Robert Prechter and his team are doing.  Difficult times are ahead for us in this stage of history and one needs to be prepared on many different levels.  Anyway, I’m just Dave Dreamin’.

Silver past and future?  See what they think!http://gainesville.elliottwave.com/t/102548/3945698/17118/43/

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