Linkedin users grow 100% in the last 2 years!

LinkedIn is fast becoming the vehicle of choice for those looking for a new opportunity or direction in their lives.  As quickly as technology and our society as a whole has undergone major changes, so has the typical path for employment changed radically as well.  This shows no signs of slowing down, and in fact is escalating as our society continues to roil under economic change and uncertainty.  Employers or entrepreneurs seeking to find new blood are really turning to social media as a way of finding recruits quickly and over a much greater area than ever before.  As our society continues to grow technologically at a faster pace, companies like LinkedIn have a bright future.

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6 Responses to Linkedin users grow 100% in the last 2 years!

  1. councilblogs says:

    I’ve noticed that LinkedIn has a new look, too!

  2. Greg Johnson says:

    They have a Post it Note function on LinkedIn which I need to check out soon. Otherwise, the exponential growth curve has a long way to go. I think there’s a lot of potential growth left in this space.

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